Hello! I'm Dylan Clark, Creator of the Dylan Clark Wikia. I am here to tell you the rules of the Dylan Clark Wikia and other tips you may need.

First-Time User

Hello Again! this is for users that have never visited the Dylan Clark Wikia. Let's Get Started! To begin your Dylan Clark Wikia experience I would recommend you read the homepage. If so visit anything else you might interested in. we have a huge selection of pages you can read and enjoy. We also have videos and photos and galleries and much more!


First of all, there are some rules to this wikia. let's go over some of the few. Rule #1 Do not post or add anything on to this wikia that is not related to Dylan Clark. This includes, Galleries, Photos, Videos, Pages and Slideshows. Rule #2 Respect each other in the chat and other forms of "talk' if there is anyone that may be aggressive or rude in some way. Report the user to the admins of the Dylan Clark Wikia. Rule #3 Do not edit any posts without the creators permission. Ask an admin if your allowed to edit a page. Rule #4 No advertising on the Dylan Clark Wikia. This is a very important rule. Advertising wikis on the Dylan Clark Wikia is not allowed. Please report whoever advertises in chat to an admin of this wiki or the wiki association.


Thank you for reading this blog post. We hope you have a wonderful time on the Dylan Clark Wikia. Goodbye For Now.

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