Dylan Clark is a Game Designer, Artist, Composer, YouTuber and Unofficial Cartoonist.

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Dylan making a silly confused face


Dylan Clark was born on January, 17th 2005. His childhood mainly consisted of him goofing around with his friends. He always got into some kind of trouble. When he was 6 he scared his brother, Tyler Clark. Into thinking there was a Poltergeist in his house. When he was 7 He Doorbell ditched 6 people with his friend Aiden. When he was in Fourth Grade, Dylan Started a food fight. When Dylan Was in Second Grade he Farted on a student. In Third Grade, Dylan smacked another kid in his class. He had to spend a day in the principal's office. When Dylan Was 6 Years Old, He threw a candle warmer at his brother.

Childhood ExperiencesEdit

Dylan goes to the Fair every year. Dylan once got accused for breaking his father's TV. Dylan got in trouble for drawing a Mountain that looked like a gun. Dylan Hates The Fireball Ride at the fair. Dylan Has A Cell in his body called "Autism'


Dylan Has to drink soda within 7 Hours or he gets Headaches and pukes. Dylan Eats Lots of Junk Food Which worries his parents.


Dylan Found YouTube When He Was 7 Years Old. His Frist Video Was "Don't Be a Jerk sung by Dylan 7 years old" here is a link to Dylan's Old Channel: After ending that channel, he started a new channel called 'Animateddoodlerdylan" here is a link to that channel: after this channel failed, he made a channel called "Dylan Clark" here is the channel:


Dylan made video games online. He had a gamejolt account. Which was deleted on February 9th 2014. After this he made 3 games. Pong, Cookie Clicker and Five Nights At Dylan's. Pong was a typical "Pong" game. If you missed the ball 100 times you would get sent back to the title screen. the ball moved faster and faster. there was not an opponent. Cookie clicker was a "Cookie Clicker' game. if you clicked 1000 cookies you would get an ending screen. and Five Nights At Dylan Was a Prototype game. The game was never finished or released to the public.


Dylan Made Lots of Art. Sadly The art was never released to the public. there are no traces of his art.


Dylan Recorded eight songs to Newgrounds. Those songs were Bloodbreaker, Outcast, Treebirth, Stomper, Deathwind, Collaboration, Wingdings and WinterDeath. Here is a link to find these songs:


Dylan is obsessed with greek and roman gods. He was named after a Celtic water god. He loved gods which inspired him to make the YouTube Series "Greeks'


Dylan Clark is now 10 years old. he lives with his mother, brother, 2 sisters and niece. He lives happily with his family and loves his outside and inside life.

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